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Hi, I’m David Pita and welcome to the Art of Awesomeness.

I’m a graphic designer, artist and explorer of life who has an obsession to live life to the fullest and fulfil my potential as a human being.

I’ve started the Art of Awesomeness to openly share:

  • all the cool things that inspire me and give me energy
  • practical tips on personal development, health, business, marketing and creativity that I’ve learnt along the way
  • the cool art that I love to make

My ultimate purpose is to grow as a human being, become the best version of myself and share everything that I learn so that you can achieve great levels of success in your own life and connect with the badass that lives inside you.

Sometimes I share in the form of videos, podcast audio and blog articles. Then other times I share in the form of inspirational posters I’ve designed and cool art I’ve painted. Everything that I create is made with the end goal of either inspiring or educating you to become the best version of yourself.

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